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Corporal Florence, Neighborhood Watch Coordinator of the Columbus Police Department presented this information here about Neighborhood Watch.


· Always dial 911 for emergencies and anything unlawful you see


· “Concerned Citizens Complaint Form” here can be used to report suspicious activity to the Columbus Police Department.  We can use this form to record important information about the event before reporting it to the police. Copies were made available and will be added to our website so it can be downloaded and emailed to the police


· “House Watch” or “Area Watch” can be requested for police to patrol your home or neighborhood for a two week period.  You can request the House Watch at 706-653-3209.  Use this service when you are out of town or see ongoing suspicious activity


· Home security suggestions

· Post a “Beware of Dog” signs.  Thieves don’t like dogs and will go to an easier target.

· Keep a pet water bowl in plain sight, even if don’t have a pet.  Thieves don’t like dogs and will go to an easier target.

· Lock all doors and windows, including interior garage doors



Crime Stoppers Information Here